The Benefits of Traveling with Ice Cleats

Safety is often times the number one core value of trucking companies, no matter what industry they serve. In order to carry out this value, it’s important for truck drivers to be prepared at all times, which requires them to have all of the necessary equipment and tools. What do truck drivers need in order to perform a job safely and efficiently? Believe it or not, one of the most important items for a truck driver to have is a pair of ice cleats.

Why are ice cleats important? They will improve a truck driver’s traction and balance on ice and snow, and will ultimately increase your safety on the road. A proper fitting pair of ice cleats are required by most trucking companies and even if they are not required, it’s never a bad idea to add a pair of ice cleats to your closet if they will help prevent you from slipping and falling.

Did you know that the third largest cause of workplace injuries are slip and fall accidents? Yikes! If you are a trucking company investigating the benefits of an ice cleat requirement, you’ll find that there are several. For starters, you’ll see a reduced amount of Worker’s Comp claims from employees because they will be less likely to injure themselves while on the job. You also might see a reduction in insurance policy costs because ice cleats typically comply with insurance standards.

A major reason why truck drivers (And really anyone) resist wearing ice cleats is because they feel like they are not very versatile. However if you browse our large selection of ice cleats you will see that they have come a long way since their humble beginning. Get-A-Grip manufactures a pair of ice cleats that easily attach to casual, dress, and athletic wear. You’ll hardly notice that you have them on! If you’re on the road with your kids during winter vacation, don’t forget to pick up a pair of ice cleats for them too. We have several well-fitting options to choose from.

In addition to packing a pair of ice cleats for when you’re traveling on the road for work, we also recommend bringing cooler for fresh food and water, a basic tool kit and a roadside emergency kit. What items do you bring along with you on the road? Share them with us in our comments section or on Facebook!