As one of the most popular in water sports, wakeboarding has many adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers hooked on the sport with the fun of impressing onlookers with cool flips and 360 spins. What makes a good wakeboarder is more than just practice and skill. It is also having a quality wakeboard that is well taken care of so it can keep up with you on the water. Wakeboards are one of the most vulnerable boards to premature damage due to their overexposure to salt, water, sun, and high temperatures. These harsh elements are why proper knowledge of wakeboard storage tips is so crucial to the life of your wakeboard.

One of the most important wakeboard storage tips is to keep wakeboards on a designated rack made specifically for wakeboards. They should never be stacked on top of each other on the floor of the garage or stacked against a wall. If boards are left in any convenient spot, they are more vulnerable to damage. Another essential piece of insights gleaned from basic wakeboard storage tips is that these boards are incredibly sensitive to overexposure to the elements. It seems counter intuitive since they spend so much time in the sun and water during wakeboard season, but they are not intended to have constant sunlight on them as it can weaken the wood's bend-ability and eat away at the protective laminate coating on most wakeboards.

It also recommended to store wakeboards on racks made for them specifically, as opposed to surfboard racks. A well-designed wakeboard rack knows how to evenly distribute the weight of the board so that there won't be any damage done to the pressure points holding the board up.

Another tip for wakeboard storage is to make sure you have racks not just in your boat, but also anywhere you store boards. Most people have a rack for wakeboards on their boat and store them there all year long. Unless you are regularly cleaning that rack, even when boards are not being used, your boards are still at risk for damage from any salt or moisture left on the rack from when you stored the boards during use. It is recommended to store wakeboards in your house or another place free from sunlight and excessive heat.