Surfing is one of the most popular activities in the world for good reason. Few feelings compare to the excitement of the drop when the perfect wave is before you, and your surfboard is no longer just under your feet but feels like an extension of your body as you ride the wave. Your surfboard should be treated like the prized possession it is and stored properly, not just stacked on the floor with other boards or worse outside leaning against the porch wall. Leaving your boards without proper surfboard storage can leave them vulnerable to all sorts of damage, and they deserve better than that. Your boards have been good to you so be good to them by following some surfboard storage tips.

One of the most important surfboard storage tips is to make sure surfboards are cleaned before stored. Always spray your board with water and clean with a cleaning solution designated for boards before storage to eliminate any salt that may wear into the laminate. Make sure your surfboard is completely dry before storing it to avoid any excess moisture which could lead to rust.

Another of the best surfboard storage tips is to use a coating of wax before storage. Found at any surf shop, wax helps protect the laminate during the off-season and makes your board ready to go at the start of the next surf season.

When looking for where to store surfboards once the cleaning and waxing process is complete, you should invest in a high-quality surfboard rack or display. Surfboards should never be stacked against a wall where they may topple over causing damage to themselves and surrounding items. There are many racks available that offer the same look of a stand-up board but will keep your surfboards protected from harm. Whether you choose a stand with a surf shop vibe or a wall mount to make your surfboard look like artwork, always make sure you use storage specifically designed for surfboards to avoid damage to the pressure points used in storing.