Snowboarding is one of the coolest ways to have fun in the snow. It has the fun of skiing but with a little extra adrenaline. When figuring out how to store a snowboard, the best bet for your boards is a snowboard rack. While it is tempting to take the lazy road of just stacking your snowboards in the garage or leaning them against a wall in your house, your boards have been good to you, and they deserve better. Your snowboards should be prominently on display for all to see. As any responsible and proud owner, you should know how to store a snowboard to ensure it will last a long time.

While it is important to know how to store a snowboard, it is equally important to understand why so much prominence is placed on storage. When boards are improperly stored, they can lose some of their quality over time and become warped, making it harder for you to hit the slopes with the same pride or speed. Investing in quality snowboard storage can keep your boards in pristine shape. It is important to keep your boards protected from overexposure to the elements, so your boards should definitely be stored inside, there is no excuse for leaving your boards in the dank basement or humid garage. A board that is not cared for and stored correctly leads to the lamination peeling off, rusted edges, and worst of all, the board loosing it's bending abilities.

The first step in how to store a snowboard is to apply a coating of wax to it to avoid any drying out during the off-season. Another good suggestion is to sharpen the edges so not only do you remove any rust you may have put on the board during use, but it is ready to go next season. It is recommended to take out your bindings and store them somewhere dry. This allows your board to have less moisture in the bindings. A great tip is to wrap your snowboard in bubble wrap or even household saran wrap once the bindings have completely dried for an extra protective layer.