Ever since the 1800's when skiing first became a popular sport, people have been taking to the slopes every year for fun and competition. While the slopes offer a lot of fun and excitement, ski storage is a necessity that must be figured out by every skier, avid or novice. With so much time and money invested in a quality set of skis, it makes sense to take the necessary steps to ensure a long life with your skis. There are some important ski storage tips to keep in mind.

Any owner of skis knows the importance of cleaning them properly before storing them away. Clearing away any dirt, mud, or other debris is essential to making sure skis do not collect mildew or mold, thus warping your skis. Once the skis have been cleaned, the next step is to decide if you need to apply any wax to them before storing them away until next season. Many skiers will apply hot wax sold from ski supply stores and leave it on the ski until they are ready to use it next season. This helps protect the skis, but you still need to follow some other basic ski storage tips to keep your skis looking and gliding their best.

It is important to hang skis from a quality constructed rack instead of just leaning them against a wall in your garage or shed. Your skis deserve better than that. One good suggestion is to hang skis by the tips, as this allows for tighter storage and quick access in a rush. Make sure you move your skis to a place free from excess moisture, as this may cause rust to on the edges. Keep skis in a well-ventilated storage space to ensure they do not incur mildew or mold. Avoid any extremes in heat as it can warp your boards very easily. However, you decide to handle the dilemma, it's important to keep in mind that skis can become warped over time if not stored properly. Following ski storage tips to ensure your skis are safe is the first step in responsible ski ownership.