Traveling with snowboards, skis, and ski poles is a unique problem for snow sport enthusiasts. A trip to the perfect location with the best conditions for snow sporting requires the use of your own equipment instead of the lodge rentals. You know your skis and boards like the inside of your hand and how they handle in each type of terrain variation or change in conditions. Traveling with equipment is made easier and less stressful with the use of ski travel cases and snowboard travel cases. Snowboards, skis, and ski poles are vulnerable to damage and warping from traveling such as tips and bindings becoming damaged or loosened, dents and dings to your boards, and bending in ski poles from improper handling. With how much money and time you have invested in your pursuit of snow sports, it only makes logical sense to protect your gear as much as possible with sturdy, yet lightweight ski travel cases or snowboard travel cases.

When choosing ski travel cases or snowboard travel cases, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. First, you should consider how much equipment you want to transport. Some cases only carry one set of skis, while others are large enough to carry multiple skis and ski poles without worry. The same is true for snowboard travel cases when choosing the right size for your needs. You should also keep in mind what kind of travel you intend to do when traveling with skis. For a short drive in the car, a soft-sided bag may be acceptable for skis and snowboards whereas a trip on a plane would definitely require a hard cased travel case to ensure extra protection.

Aside from protection abilities, another factor to consider is what to look for to make the transport easier on you. While hard cases are great for your skis, they may not be great for you as the one lugging them around the airport. Try to find a model with wheels and an easy pull strap to avoid adding strain to your back.

Finding the right travel cases for your skis and snowboards can make any trip more enjoyable!