Many skateboarders have more than one board, even if they have one that will always be their favorite. Most skateboarders collect boards and it can be a big deal when you find the perfect board. Trying to figure out how to hang up a skateboard shouldn't be a big deal. The solution also shouldn't be to just leave your prized possession propped up against a wall in your house or garage where it may be in the way or get knocked over and damaged. Leaving your skateboards outside where they are left vulnerable to the elements is an even worse option. If you value your skateboard more than that, treat it right and get proper storage to keep your expensive skateboard safe so you can keep using it for years to come. You have invested a lot of time and money into your skateboards. They deserve proper skateboard storage and the first step to getting there is knowing how to hang up a skateboard the right way.

When looking for how to hang up a skateboard, there are many things to consider. There are wall mounts and storage racks. Storage racks will store your skateboards and keep them off the floor where they might be a hazard or leaning against a wall where they might get damaged. Wall mount racks, or display racks, not only store your skateboards, they display them proudly like artwork for all to see. There are even wall mounts that allow you to hang the skateboard without the rack being the main focus, so your prized skateboard gets all the glory.

Always remember before installing any kind of wall mount for your skateboards to make sure there won't be any damage done to wires or pipes behind the wall. It is suggested to hang mounts on a hollow wall. Another goof tip is to consider not just where your boards would make a nice centerpiece, but also to choose the best spot for your boards to be protected from the sun. Never hang skateboards in direct sunlight as it can damage your skateboard in various ways.