With over 20 years of perfecting the designs best suited for the heated clothing industry, Warm & Safe has created some of the most trusted gear for cold-weather activities. Created by a company of avid riders and snow sport enthusiasts, these 12-volt heated clothing options can make a good day outdoors into an even better day. Heated clothing features top-of-the-line technology to keep you warm, but another important factor to ensure you get the most warmth is heated clothing with a proper fit. When choosing the best selection from this reputable brand, our Warm & Safe sizing guide can help you find the perfect fit.

One of the most important tips to glean from this Warm & Safe sizing guide is that buying heated clothing is not the same as any other clothing purchase. From the pants to the gloves, the sizing is different than what you normally wear. For instance, you can't use your normal jacket size when buying heated clothing. For jackets, have a helper use a measuring tape to measure around the widest point of the chest. While doing this, take a large breath so the final measurement will allow for movability instead of leaving you in a jacket so snug you can't breathe. When finding the right fit for pants, use the measuring tape to measure the widest part of the hips and measure belt to floor. Once you have accurate measurements, you can compare them to the sizing chart for the items to find the suggested fit for your needs.

When shopping for heated clothing, there are few aspects as important as finding the right fit. Heated clothing is meant to be worn close to the body to trap heat, but also with clothing underneath to layer heat. You should always perform careful measurements with a layer of clothing similar to what you intend to wear with your new heated clothing to make sure you get an accurate size.

Following these basic guidelines from our Warm & Safe sizing guide, you are sure to get the best fit in your purchase of heated clothing from this exceptional brand.