With over 40 years of creating innovative designs and state-of-the-art technology, Gerbing Gyde has revolutionized the heated clothing industry. Known for both their commitment to high-quality manufacturing and unique sense of style, they are a brand beloved by many athletes and cold weather enthusiasts. When buying from this reputable brand, it is essential to remember that heated clothing needs to fit properly for it to be effective. It should be close to the body to avoid any heat escaping from the collars, sleeves, or legs. Many heated clothing options from this line feature the ability to connect them together for an interconnected heating device. Finding the right fit is crucial to the success of this interconnectivity. With the help of our Gerbing Gyde sizing guide, you can find the perfect fit to keep you warm and in style this winter.

One of the most important tips offered in this Gerbing Gyde sizing guide is that having accurate measurements is the most crucial step in purchasing heated clothing. Different from typical clothing sizes, these items need to feature a snug fit while still offering movability. Remember to perform measurements while wearing clothes of similar thickness to what you intend to wear underneath your heated clothing. Always measure the chest at the widest point and while it is expanded from a deep breath to make sure it is tight but not too tight. Also, measure outstretched arms at their widest circumference around to make sure you can easily move your arms and in length from shoulder to wrist for a sleeve of the right length. For pants, measure at the widest part of the hips and from belt to floor. When measuring for gloves, measure the width around your knuckle for the right fit. Once you have figured out the right measurements, you can compare them to the sizing chart and find the best fit of heated clothing to meet your needs.

If you follow these helpful Gerbing Gyde sizing guide suggestions, you can make your winter more enjoyable with a properly fitted outfit of high-quality heated clothing.