A cluttered garage can not only be an annoying eyesore, but also lead to never being able to find what you're looking for quickly. It can also lead to easily preventable damage and decay to many beloved items such as bicycles, surfboards, and snow skis. Proper storage can take your garage from disaster to doable while keeping some of your most important possessions safe from harm. One of the easiest ways to maximize garage space is the use of overhead storage. With some basic overhead storage ideas, you can make your storage space more organized.

One of the best overhead storage ideas is first to cut the clutter. If you haven't used something in months, and it is just collecting dust, toss it! The less you have, the less you need to store away. Once you have figured out the essentials that need to be kept overhead, it is time to start considering your options.

There are many options for maximizing space. Whether looking to store smaller items or larger ones, one of the best overhead storage ideas is the use of mounted lifts or platforms. A mounted lift provides all of the storage needed while easing the stress of safety putting items up, such as bicycles of the entire family, your favorite fishing gear, or bulky boxes. When looking for a motorized lift for overhead storage, look for a model that has the capabilities to meet your needs. Some lifts can handle up to 220 pounds while others handle less, so always assess your individual needs and check weight specifications before purchasing an overhead mounted lift.

Aside from storage capacity, another aspect to keep in mind when looking for overhead storage ideas is the safety of small children. With many motorized lifts for overhead storage, there are parental controls so children cannot get into any trouble or ride their bikes without your permission. There are even ladder pulls that feature parental controls to keep children safe.

Whether you choose shelving, simple platforms, or a motorized life, overhead storage can make your garage into an oasis instead of a disaster.