Having a beautiful coat of fur does not always mean our beloved pets are comfortable in any environment. Even indoor dogs can disagree with your preferred temperature, becoming uncomfortable as the seasons change. Whether they are getting overheated in warmer climates or feeling chilly in the cold season, we have great options that will help them feel perfectly cozy all year long. Read more with our heated and cooling dog beds guide here, so you can make the right choice for your best friend!

The first thing to consider when purchasing a heated or cooling dog bed is what location of your home it will be in. If you are placing it indoors, you have a lot more flexibility with where you can place it, but if you intend to place your bed in a dog house or other enclosed space, you will need to be mindful of the size. Many different options are available to fit different size dogs, so take time to carefully measure your area to ensure a proper match. Also, beds that are powered with a cord instead of batteries will need easy access to an outlet, so keep that in mind while you are shopping!

Another big factor that will impact your decision is the manner in which your dog sleeps. Different dogs have different habits - some will sleep completely flat on the floor, others will sleep upside down on their backs, or might want to bury their head in a blanket. We have options to support any dog's preferences so that you can get a perfect match for your companion. Heated pads can provide great back and spin support for the upside down sleeper while extra soft pads are great for those that love lying flat. Tent and cave style beds are perfect for giving your furry friend a place to hide, which makes them a quick favorite of pets that have anxiety or are uncomfortable sleeping in the open.

Different models provide different benefits, so make sure you are choosing the right option for your pet's needs. Heated pads and beds often do not have the option to cool, so if you need an option that can handle both, make sure you make the right choice! Small air conditioning units are always a possibility, allowing you to provide air regulation and temperature control to your pet's personal space and give it the comfort it needs every day. If you still need more information that is not covered in our heated and cooling dog beds guide, feel free to contact us, we will help you get the perfect item to suit your needs!