Any avid golf player can tell you one of the most important responsibilities of owning golf clubs of your own is making sure they are stored properly. No golfer who cares about their golf clubs would ever leave them in their car or garage, unprotected from the dangers of overexposure to heat or moisture. Golf clubs can become easily warped from these two culprits and make getting a good swing nearly impossible. Unprotected clubs are also easily dinged, dented, and scratched by the rigors of both transport and playing. The key to safe storage is following the most widely known of golf storage tips which is having a sturdy and protective bag for transport and an at home storage system to protect from harm.

When you're done with your game of gold, you shouldn't just shove your clubs in your bag and call it a day. Golf clubs need to be cleaned after every use to keep them in pristine condition. While there are cleaning solutions, for the golfer in a hurry, you can also wipe them down with a terry cloth quickly and return later to give a more thorough cleaning. Never put wet clubs into a bag as it may breed mold and damage both the bag and the clubs. When following golf storage tips, keep in mind an often forgotten tip of using a rain cover over your bag as an extra layer of protection, even when it is stored inside.

Another one of the best golf storage tips is to make sure clubs are not just in a high-quality bag, but also that they are in a safe spot. Just because you have a bag for your clubs does not mean they are magically protected from harm. A reliable golf storage system is still needed to ensure they are safe. For golf storage that creates even more space and protects valuable golf clubs and gear, we proudly offer options in motorized ceiling lifts to create more floor space and even more ease of use. Some models can hold up to 220 pounds. These convenient ceiling lifts even offer a key-lock switch that allows for parental control options.