When buying non-heated mattress pads for your bed, it may be for a variety of reasons. Whether you are looking for extra comfort or a way to protect your mattress, pads may be a good investment for your home. Our non-heated mattress pads guide can help you make an informed decision with a few key tips.

When looking for added comfort, mattress pads should be made of breathable material. A cotton pad can add an extra layer of comfort and easy machine washable care. Another option which can make your bed feel brand new is a memory foam mattress pad. These tend to mold from the heat of your body and focus on the common pressure points of shoulders and hips, so you get a more precise comfort level. For a material with extra help protecting your mattress, stick with wool covers. Wool is a natural substance so that it won't aggravate sensitive allergies, and it is naturally resistant to dust mites and mold. Wool is also a great moisture wicker so sleepers can maintain a comfortable body temperature while sleeping with a wool mattress pad.

Aside from material, the other important element of choosing non-heated mattress pads is the level of thickness desired. For those looking to add comfort to their bed, a thicker pad is obviously a better option as it will provide more support. If looking for a way to protect your mattress from dirt, dust, spills, or the wear and tear incurred by the years, opting for a thinner pad will allow protection without taking away the firmness you may prefer.

As any good non-heated mattress pads guide can tell you, these pads come in thread counts. Just like sheets and other bedding, these thread counts indicate a higher quality. Always choose the highest thread count available in your budget.

Also, consider the type of fit you are looking for when purchasing a mattress pad. There is anchor, wrapped, and fitted. An anchor style pad uses elastic bands to wrap around the corners of the mattress. Supplying a snugger approach is the fitted type, which is a mattress pad in fitted sheet form. The final option, offering the most protection, is wrapped. Wrapped covers the top, sides, and bottom to ensure full coverage.

With the help of this informative non-heated mattress pads guide, you should now be able to start shopping confidently for your new mattress pad today!