When traveling with your dog, you want to make sure they are safe and comfortable on the journey. Dogs can become easily stressed during travel, leading to not only an unpleasant trip but also potential health concerns. When searching for travel products to make the trip smoother, we have some dog travel tips to help you find the right travel solution.

The most important aspect of traveling with dogs is to make sure they are safe. A carrier is a smart choice for smaller to medium sized pets. When choosing a carrier, there are a few things to keep in mind. The type of travel you intend to do with your dog plays a role in what type of carrier to buy. For trips on airplanes, it is recommended to have a hard cased carrier for the added protection of your pet while they are being loaded into the plane. Some airlines will not even board your pet in anything soft-sided. Hard carriers are also easier to clean in case of accidents during the flight. A soft-sided carrier is ideal for trips where your dog is a carry-on or on road trips to keep him out of your lap while driving. Whether choosing hard plastic or a soft sided carrier, always make sure there is plenty of ventilation and there is an open view, which will calm his nerves. Another of the best dog travel tips is to get the right sized carrier. If a cage is too small, your pet is cramped and stressed. If a cage is too big, a dog may forget his house-training and relieve himself in the cage. For dogs who seem overly anxious when in an enclosed space, there are products for safe travel like open-seated carriers, which allow the dog to be in a designated seat but still able to look around.

For larger dogs, there are travel options other than carriers. A reliable solution for them is a large padding that allows them to occupy the backseat or trunk of an SUV without the bulkiness of trying to fit a carrier into the vehicle. For these padded travel accessories, look for one that is waterproof and tear resistant with a nylon based fabric for the longest durability with even the toughest of dogs. These usually have straps that slip over the front seats to make for easy installation.

Following these simple dog travel tips will keep your pet safe on their vacation!