Tips on How to Properly Care for Snowboards and Skis

Ski CareHow much time do you put into snowboard or ski maintenance? If you only tend to your equipment at the beginning of each season, then you’re not doing nearly enough to keep everything looking and working like new. Even purely recreational snowboarders and skiers can benefit from well-maintained gear, so do yourself a favor and follow these tips:

  • Wax your board or skis at least once every three outings to keep the wood sufficiently lubricated
  • Thoroughly clean your gear after each use and carefully inspect it for damage
  • Repair minor gouges immediately with the help of repair plastic and a scraper. More extensive damage might require the services of a professional mechanic at your nearest shop.
  • Sharpen the edges of your snowboard or skis regularly to facilitate greater control when out on the slopes
  • Transport your gear in a hard ski case or hard snowboard case to safeguard it from harm
  • At the end of the season, seal the base and edges with storage wax to prevent excessive drying
  • Store your equipment on well supported wall-mounted ski or snowboard racks, never on the cement floor of your basement or garage

Spending some extra time learning how to properly care for snowboards and skis is a smart move that will pay off in the long run. Good maintenance can extend the life of your gear while also helping to deliver better performance for every outing, so keep the above tips in mind as you get ready for the winter sports season.