How to Care For and Store Battery Heated Clothing

Battery Heated Jacket Staying warm during your favorite outdoor winter activities has never been easier thanks to battery heated clothing. With just the touch of a button, your heated vest, gloves, boots, or jacket can provide extra warmth and comfort to combat the blustery winds, low temperatures, and other extreme elements that threaten to ruin your fun.

But unlike standard apparel, battery heated clothing requires special care and attention to ensure proper operation. Here are some pointers about how to care for and store your heated garments:

  • Remove batteries before washing
  • Follow the instructions on the care label attached to the garment. Some pieces are meant to be machine washed, while others must be hand-washed only.
  • Do not wash with bleach
  • Do not wring out your garments, as doing so could damage the heating elements
  • Do not dry clean
  • Store your heated motorcycle gear and other battery heated clothing in a clean, dry environment
  • Storage containers should be kept away from direct sunlight and other sources of extreme heat
  • Batteries MUST be recharged to at least 60% once every three months to remain in working order

Bear in mind that different manufacturers may have different washing and storage protocols for their garments, so the above tips are simply intended to be general guidelines rather than specific instructions.

Learning how to care for and store your battery heated motorcycle gear, outdoor apparel, hand warmers, and boots will allow you to enjoy these products season after season. Visit for more information about battery heated clothing or to browse our entire collection of heated outdoor gear.