Whether you are a triathlete on the weekends or just a fan of leisurely bike rides with the family for fun and exercise, almost everyone loves bicycles. While it is one of America's favorite activities, bike riding can lead to bike storage woes. Leaving your bike outside can leave it exposed to elements such as heat, rain, and snow which may chip away the paint, rust the metal frame, or damage the speed gear shift. If bikes are left outside they are more vulnerable to being stolen or backed over with a car, especially with children who tend to leave their bike in driveways. By following some basic bike storage ideas and tips, you can rest assured bicycles are safe from all these possible damages.

One of the best bike storage ideas is the use of bike racks. Most businesses have bike racks out front, and many consumers want that kind of ease at home. There are a few types of bike racks available for residential settings.

Floor racks are a great option to teach children to be responsible with their bikes and put them away. It also allows you to store 2-4 bikes so the whole family can keep bikes safe from harm. No more bikes left in the driveway or bikes with only a weak kickstand to support them. These racks will prevent against kick stand accidents that cause bikes to damage cars in the garage. For bike storage that allows storage that is completely out of the way, there are many ceiling mounted lifts. Some of these quality lifts are motorized for even easier usage. These storage solutions free up floor space in your garage or shed while still protecting bikes from damage. Some models can hold up to 4 bikes and even feature a parental control switch so your children will never go out for a bike ride unsupervised without your permission again.

Aside from floor racks and overhead racks, a third option is a wall mount for bikes. These are intended more for adults, as many children will not be able to lift the bike onto the rack by themselves.