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Overhead Ceiling Garage Storage Solutions

If your garage needs a serious makeover, then try our garage overhead storage rack. As a convenient and effective way to get clutter out of the way, garage overhead storage simply lifts all your heavy belongings into the air. From bikes and file boxes to gardening tools and sporting equipment, heavy belongings can be removed in no time, leaving more space to properly organize your now uncluttered garage with our garage overhead storage rack.

CozyWinters offers a wide variety garage overhead storage, from motorized platforms for all types of belongings to bicycle lifts. If you don’t want to put off tackling your garage clutter and encountering an even bigger mess down the road, then try overhead storage racks, which are certain to turn an overwhelming task into a manageable one.

If you want to remove that one heavy bike that’s inconveniently in the way of everything, then try the Racor Bike Lift. Designed to raise a fifty pound bike up to twelve feet, this storage option has a pulley system with hooks that attach to the seat and handlebars and a rope that you pull on to lift the bike into the air. And for those who have several heavy bikes, there’s the Garage Gator 220. With a powerful electric motor, a hook bar, and eight sliding hooks, this ceiling storage solution can lift up to 220 pounds with the push of a switch. It also comes with a key-lock system that allows for parental control.

For heavier objects, there’s the ProStor Heavy Lift Garage Overhead Storage Rack. Without having to use a ladder, you can lift all types of belongings up to twelve feet. From lawn mowers and file boxes to kayaks and canoes, even your largest possessions can be neatly accommodated in a limited space.

There are also platforms for both the Garage Gator 125 and Garage Gator 220 which allow you to lift other items besides bicycles. With the capacity to lift 100 and 200 pounds, respectively, these platforms simply attach to the Garage Gator to allow you to raise heavy boxes, car seats, suitcases, and other storage possessions.

Lastly, CozyWinters offers the Racor Ladder Lift, which is designed to lift even the heaviest ladders. Using its hook and pulley system, you can easily lift up to 150 pound ladders by simply pulling on the rope. It can be used on ceilings that are up to twelve feet high, and it comes with a safety lock to prevent the unintentional release of the ladder.