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Golf Bag Storage Racks

If you’re an avid golf player and you have the bad habit of leaving your clubs in the car, you would be wise to invest in one of our golf bag storage racks. Since your clubs can easily get unwanted scratches, dents, and nicks as they move around in your trunk while you drive, our golf storage racks would be the most suitable place to hang your golf bags once you’re done playing.

So you no longer have to leave your golf bags in your car or on the floor where they can get damaged or knocked over, CozyWinters offers several golf club storage rack options for your needs. From golf storage racks designed specifically for hanging golf bags to motorized overhead ceiling storage, there’s an ideal option for putting away your clubs while you’re not using them.

CozyWinters offers the convenient Monkey Bar Rack System, which can lift up to four golf bags off the floor. Using a fifty-inch-long rack and several hooks, this versatile system allows you to hang up your golf bags as you would hang your clothes in a closet. Made of powder-coated steel, the rack can support up to 120 pounds of golf bags and clubs.

To get your golf bags off the floor and away from unwanted creatures crawling around your garage, try the Golf Storage Hanger. Made of steel with an epoxy finish, the hanger is designed to store up to two golf bags and two pairs of golf shoes. It is also ideal for keeping your clubs rust-free and away from any other objects that might accidentally dent or scratch them.

If you really want to get your clubs out of the way—along with a lot of other clutter in your garage—then try the Garage Gator 220. By hooking your clubs onto the nine-foot-long bar and using the powerful electric motor system to lift them into the air, you can keep them in a safe and dry place. With the push of a key-lock switch that allows for parental control to prevent accidental releases of the storage items, the Garage Gator 220 can raise up to 220 pounds of storage items to your garage’s ceiling.

For smaller loads, the Garage Gator 125 does the same job, except that it has a maximum capacity of 125 pounds. Like the Garage Gator 220, it uses a motorized system to lift your storage items into the air with the turn of a key-lock switch. Both storage options come with a one-year limited warranty.