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SporTube and the Airlines

Nothing protects equipment like a hard shell case. Some airlines will no longer take responsibility for broken skis or boards when packed in a soft nylon bag.

Breakage does happen, so why run the risk of having to deal with it on a sunny day with two feet of fresh powder!? Why worry about damage to expensive rods and reels packed in a soft nylon case?

All SporTube cases are accepted by the airlines
In fact, certain airlines are actually supporting the use of hard cases by including in their Contract of Carriage verbiage such as:

Liability release form required on plastic [bag]/ soft [nylon] ski bags only. Execution of liability release form not required on hard-shell cases.

SporTube cases are usually allowed at no additional cost, assuming you are within the airlines’ baggage limitations as defined under their Contracts of Carriage. Typically, an airline will have a free checked baggage allowance for 2 to 3 bags (depending on their rules) per paying passenger. In lieu of one bag, the airline will typically allow 1 set of ski equipment (1 pair of skis, poles, boots, and bindings) per passenger.

It is important to note, however, that each airline is different. Rules and regulations can change; therefore we recommend that passengers check with their appropriate airlines prior to travel for the most up-to-date information.

Tips for travel

Note: If padlocked luggage is deemed suspect and a search is required, the TSA will remove the padlock by any means necessary and will not be held responsible for any damage that may occur. Consequently, all 2004 models of SporTube Ski & Snowboard cases will be supplied with a non-locking Wire Case Pin.

We also recommend the following procedures to avoid having your case searched:

  1. Only pack equipment into your SporTube. E.g. Skis. poles. snowboard, rods etc.
  2. If you wish to use a padlock, attach the key with a piece of string/cable tie to the handle or the padlock shackle. Alternatively, tape the key to the case using Duct tape. This way the key is accessible to anyone needing to do a search
  3. Ship your equipment in the SporTube via FedEx, FedEX Ground, UPS (also see Sport Express® promotion)

It is worth noting that these guidelines from the TSA are only recommendations and are not yet a mandated FAA regulation, therefore they are subject to change.

We recommend that travelers check with their airlines or the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) web site for further information prior to travel.

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