Zanier HEAT.STX Heated Gloves for Men and Women

Zanier HEAT.STX Heated Gloves for Men and Women

by Zanier    

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The ZANIER Heat Technology is based on highly developed textile heat elements and a unique electronic control system.

The Zanier STX ski gloves will now keep your hands comfortably warm with three different heat settings for up to 10 hours. The top-quality Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are a mere 60 grams and hidden away in the gloves where you will barely feel them. The innovative Impulse Control processor-control technology warms your hands reliably and also stimulates the blood circulation in your fingers. The temperature in these heated gloves stay constant for hours. Looking for Ladies Heated Mittens? We've got you covered!

The gloves' heating system is easy to operate with a single switch on the white battery that is concealed in the back of the cuff of these Zanier heated ski gloves, where you can hardly feel them. The flame shaped light shows the selected heating level (yellow, orange, red) and shines through the transparent upper material.

The rechargeable batteries offer high performance even under extreme temperatures, are powerful, waterproof and shock-resistant.

The supplied USB charger unit recharges the batteries overnight. The heating units are water resistant and can absorb shocks without breaking. If the weather turns warm, you can detach the power packs easily, and the HEAT-STX becomes a regular top ski glove. Waterproof, windproof and breathable Sympatex® membrane ensures dry hands with or without the batteries. These gloves also offers a TOUCH function on the index finger and thumb. The ALU-ARMOR, an aluminum layer on the membrane, also provides perfect thermal insulation in the glove. High-quality materials such as the finest goatskin and 4-way stretch also contribute to maximum comfort.

If you suffer from Raynaud's Syndrome our heated gloves are what you've been looking for. With a heating element at the end of each finger and thumb, it puts the heat right where you need it. Also, see our Foot Warmers for your feet.
Heated Glove

Zanier HEAT-STX Heated Ski Gloves Features:

  • 3 Heat Settings for individual temperature regulation
  • Controller LED lights indicate power is on or off and the heat setting
  • Comfortable warmth for up to 10+ hours on a single charge
  • 2600 mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
  • Shock proof
  • Water resistant
  • Material: Palm is goatskin, Sympatex┬« membrane, THINSULATE┬« insulation
  • Color: Black
  • One Year Limited Warranty

Your Order Includes:

  • 1 Pair of Zanier HEAT-STX European Designed, Heated Ski Gloves with processor-controlled heating elements in each finger and thumbs with Impulse Control Technology
  • 2 Power Packs (4 Lithium-ion battery cells)
  • 1 USB charger. (charges both power packs at the same time)

How to justify spending $350 for a pair of heated ski gloves?
Simple. You just need to look at the cost of the components. Here's a break down:

  • Four rechargeable Lithium-ion battery cells (2 in each glove) = $99.00
  • One USB Recharger = $50
  • One Pair of heating systems with external control panels (ten heating elements, two wiring harnesses, two control panels) = $150
  • One Pair of European designed Electric Ski Gloves = $100
    (Gloves not sold separately from the complete system.)

    Total = $399.00, minus $50 Discount = $349.00

About Zanier Gloves:
Zanier has been one of the top glove producers in Europe for over 35 years.


Warm, Not Hot!
The HEAT-STX is intended to warm your hands and not heat them. The correct temperature level and heating duration depends on various factors, such as the charge of the power cells and the external temperature. Use the below table as a rough guide.

Temperature and Duration Settings
Setting Average Temp C° Average Temp F° Approximate
Duration Range
1 37° 99° 8 - 10 hrs
2*** 45° 113° 4 - 5 hrs
3 62° 144° 2 - 2.5 hrs
*** Setting 2 is the most common setting.


Glove Sizing Chart**
Centimeters (cm) 6.5 7.0 7.5 8.0 8.5 9.0 9.5 10.5
Inches 2.55" 2.75" 2.95" 3.15" 3.35" 3.54" 3.74" 4.13"
Equivalent Men's Size     XSmall Small Medium Large XLarge XXLarge
Equivalent Women's Size Small Medium Large XLarge XXLarge 3XLarge    

** This size chart is for suggestion only.

How to measure your hand
Place your hand over a ruler or measuring tape with centimeters, palm down with the knuckles lined up over the ruler. Measure the width of your knuckles from outside to outside, but DO NOT include the thumb. Always go up a size if you fall between sizes or have longer fingers. Always measure the dominant hand i.e. right-handed people = right, left-handed people = left.

Customer Reviews

Review of: Zanier HEAT.STX Heated Gloves for Men and Women
Best gloves I've ever owned. They keep my hands toasty in the coldest temps.
Was this helpful?
Bruce —

Love love love my heated ski mittens. Worth every penny. Customer service is good as well.
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Nancy Olivieri —

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