Therm-ic Supermax Professional (Each)

Therm-ic Supermax Professional (Each)

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Additional Battery Packs extend total foot warming duration throughout extremely cold days.

Compatible with all models of Therm-ic Heating Elements.

LOST A BATTERY? We Highly Recommend:
Temperature and Duration Settings
Setting Average Temp C° Average Temp F° Approximate
Duration Range
1 37° 99° 20 hrs
2** 45° 113° 8.5 hrs
3 70° 158° 4 hrs
** Setting 2 is the most common setting.
Therm-ic Universal Mounting Brackets
Price: $19.95
Attaches battery packs to hardshell boots or Velcro straps.
Strap Brackets (Pair)
Price: $9.95
Attaches battery packs to power straps of ski boots.
Velcro Attachment Straps (Pair)
Sale Price: $9.95
Secure battery packs around leg.
Therm-ic Extension Cords (Pair)
Price: $24.95
Attach battery packs at waist.

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