Therm-ic Footwarmer SmartPack Remote rc1200

Therm-ic Footwarmer SmartPack Remote rc1200

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The top model from the Therm-ic collection now with Lithium-ion power cells

To ensure long lasting warmth, the SmartPack Global Recharging Technology charges the batteries to the max without any memory effect. And with the SmartPack Global Charger the Therm-ic Liion can be used worldwide. The Li-ion battery supplies warmth up to 22 hours.

Key Features:
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
  • Stepless regulation of the temperature via remote control
  • Ultra-light rechargeable batteries
  • Comfortable warmth for up to 22 hours
  • Impulse Control stimulates blood circulation
  • Extremely short charging time - worldwide usage
  • Stepless temperature control
  • Hang around your neck or attached to jacket
  • Wireless control transmits up to 10 meters
  • LED power light indicates activity
Temperature and Duration Settings
Setting Average Temp C° Average Temp F° Approximate
Duration Range
1 37º 99º 16 - 22 hrs
2** 45º 113º 7 - 10 hrs
3 70º 158º 3 - 4 hrs
** Setting 2 is the most common setting.

SmartPack Global Charging Technology
It's so simple to charge the batteries with the new Global Charging Technology and there's no memory effect.

  • Can be used in Europe (230v) and US (110v)
  • Optimum use of the full capacity of the batteries as there is no memory effect
  • Batteries can be used for more cycles - resulting in a longer service life
Impulse Control:
The warmth is transferred from the battery pack to the heating element by impulses.
  • Impulse heating elements deliver far more energy
  • Impulse warmth is healthier
  • Impulse energy stimulates circulation of blood
Additional Features:
  • Battery Packs easily attach to secure area of footwear.
  • Battery Pack LED light indicates power is on or off.
  • Lasts up to 22 hours on a single charge.
  • Shock proof.
  • Water resistant.
  • 2 Li-ion Battery Packs with Impulse Control Technology
  • 1 pair of Trim-to-Fit Insoles with Heating Elements
  • 1 ThermiControl Remote
  • 1 SmartPack Global Recharger with North American and European Plug Adapters (charges both battery packs at the same time)
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