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Skamper Ramp Pet Water Safety Ramp

Skamper Ramp Pet Water Safety Ramp
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    Water Escape Skamper Ramp for Pets and Other Critters!

    Most people don't realize that while the majority of animals can swim, they can't necessarily get out by themselves!

    Pools can be perilous to pets! Ensure your pet can easily climb its way out of the pool. At night, even pets trained to climb out of a pool can panic and not be able to identify the steps. Skamper-Ramp is white which is the one color all living creatures can see and is angled down into the water, putting it at eye level for your pet. Skamper-Ramp provides peace-of-mind.

    The plastics that are used for all Skamper-Ramps will not yellow, become scummy, grow barnacles, or mildew/algae when left in water (salt water, fresh water, pool water...) even 24/7/365. Skamper-Ramps are made completely from recyclable materials. Skamper-Ramps are lightweight with excellent strength-to-weight ratios, low-cost, snap-together assembly, and simple. The ramp braces to the vertical side of the pool, walled pond, stock tank / water trough to prevent unwanted wild animals from drowning as well as pets. Dogs are the only animals that have to be trained to use the Skamper-Ramp! Cats, ferrets, rabbits, possums, frogs, snakes, even spiders all go to it instinctively.

    The Skamper-Ramp comes in two sizes, both capable of holding 200 lbs of animal. The Standard Skamper-Ramp (SKR4), new and award-winning in 2009, was developed in response to consumer requests for a ramp that functions for emergency use as well as for frequent use. The Standard Skamper Ramp is for smaller, short-stride animals frequent and/or emergency use. The Super Skamper-Ramp (SKR3), is designed for larger pets with longer stride length and/or for any size pet if used with a dock or boat.

    Skamper Ramp Features:
    • Protects pets and other critters from drowning by allowing them to get out of the water on their own
    • Approved by the American Pet Association, receiving their "Seal of Approval" as a humane, safety device that makes life easier for pets and their owners
    • Easy to assemble, durable, robust and lightweight
    • Safe for vinyl lined pools
    • 100% Made of recyclable materials

    Note: All ramps need additional deck connection hardware (a screw or anchor) unless they are being tied to a cleat, existing anchor, or ladder rail

    Please Note: Some of the images on this page shows an older product to illustrate how the product works. The newer product has design improvements and no longer has the blue lines on the ramp.

    Skamper Ramp Specifications:
    • Standard Skamper-Ramp: 25" x 13" x 7" (63.5 cm x 33 cm x 20 cm)
    • Super Skamper-Ramp: Assembled, 40" x 13" x 7" (106 cm x 33 cm x 16 cm)
    • Components for the Standard Skamper-Ramp: 1- blowmolded ramp and support bars, 2-NFW (nylon flat washer), 2-SSDRC (d-ring clip), 1-TR (6’ nylon rope)
    • Components for the Super Skamper-Ramp: 1- blowmolded ramp, extender and support bars, 2-NFW (nylon flat washer), 2-SSDRC (d-ring clip), 1-TR (6’ nylon rope)
    • Limited one-year warranty
    • Made in the USA
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