Serta Plush Heated Throw

Serta Plush Heated Throw
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    Luxurious Heated Throw
    This plush, 100% polyester electric warming throw comes from Serta®, the world's most recognized name in bedding, and will keep you cozy and warm all winter long. The ultra-thin wires are 3 TIMES THINNER than conventional warming product wires and, as a result, are virtually indiscernible to the touch while the plush polyester fabric makes it a comfortable companion all year long.

    Dimensions: 60" L x 45" W

    • Only heated throw that meets UL Standard for non-hazardous low voltage
    • No harmful electromagnetic radiation
    • Automatic shutoff after ten hours
    • Turn down the thermostat and saves energy
    • Easy to read controls from Low, 1-9 and High
    • No clicking noise from the control
    • The preheat feature automatically pre-warms to your dial setting
    • Takes less than 15 minutes to warm up
    • Comfortable for all season use throughout the year, even without the heat
    • Heating elements imperceptible to the touch; no bulky wires
    • Consistent & even heat distribution
    • Machine wash and dry. Heated Throw will maintain it's size after wash.

      UL Listed
    • 5 Year Warranty

    How does the NEW low voltage Safe & Warm technology work?
    Our new low-voltage throws includes a power supply box that changes 120 volt AC current (normal household current in North America) into non-hazardous low voltage DC current (similar to a battery) to provide protection and safety.

    SAFETY Operates using 120 Volts Non-hazardous low voltage
    operates using less than 25 Volts
    COMFORT Inferior fabric
    Bulky and uncomfortable wires
    Ultra Soft 100% Micro-Fleece Polyester
    Heating wires so small, they're
    virtually unnoticeable
    WEIGHT Heavier because of bulky wires The lightest heated throw
    EFFICIENCY Takes 30 minutes to warm up Takes less than 15 minutes to warm up
    CARE Shrinks after wash and requires hand
    stretching to return to its original size.
    The only heated throw that maintains its original size after wash
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