RAX 4x4 Skateboard Display and Storage Rack

RAX 4x4 Skateboard Display and Storage Rack

by RAX    

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RAX Furniture Quality Skateboard Storage Racks!

How many of us have stored our skateboards in a pile in the darkest dirtiest corner of the garage only to knock them down numerous times throughout the year?

This simple but clever skateboard display rack will save floor space as well as look great on your wall.

Rax by Radically Inclined is an eco-friendly product. RAX are built only from all second growth cedar. Radically Inclined does not use any treated lumber or mineral based finishes. They calculate the design of their vertical skateboard racks to achieve the least amount of waste. All wood shavings and wood waste is re-used for kitty litter, trail paths and firewood. All left over pipe is recycled.

Additional Features:
  • Individual Handmade Wood Racks
  • No Assembly Required
  • Easy Wall Installation
  • Well-built and Durable
  • Eco-friendly Design
  • Handmade in USA
  • One Year Limited Warranty
Single RAX available in Vertical or 45 Degree Display


45 Degree Angle


Note: The Skateboard Rack has 5/8" wide slot. They will not work with Penny Boards or other plastic boards.

Product Dimensions Shipping Weight
Holds one Skateboard
4" X 4" X 4" .6 lbs
Holds two Skateboards
18" X 4" X 4" 2.5 lbs
Holds three Skateboards
25" X 4" X 4" 3.5 lbs
Holds four Skateboards
31" X 4" X 4" 4.8 lbs
Holds six Skateboards
44" X 4" X 4" 8 lbs
Holds eight Skateboards
57" X 4" X 4" 12 lbs
Hollow Wall Anchor Toggle Kit
Price From: $9.95
Want to mount your RAX, but can't find a stud to place the mounting screws? Our RAX Hollow Anchor Toggle Kits will do the job for any of the RAX 4x4 Storage and Display Racks.

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