Ski Pole Chairlift Hooks

Ski Pole Chairlift Hooks

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Easily Hook your Ski Poles over the Safety Bar on Any Chairlift!

PoleMinders™, an innovative product, easily hook your ski poles over the safety bar on any chairlift and detach easily before getting off the ski lift. Your hands are then free for the lift ride, allowing you to adjust your ski wear, clean your goggles, help your children, take a picture, nibble on a snack or just relax without having to worry about losing your poles or having to hold them or tuck them under your thigh.

PoleMinders Fit Adult Aluminum Ski Poles.

Additional Features:
  • Slip securely onto ski poles & stay attached
  • Easily hook over the safety bar on any chairlift
  • In no way interferes with the use of your ski poles
  • Incredibly lightweight & durable
  • Use to store ski poles too
  • Great Gift!

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