Point Dry Heated Boot Bag

Point Dry Heated Boot Bag

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Heated traveling bag system heats and dries snowboard and ski boots, gloves, and socks while on the go!

The Point Dry Heated Gear and Boot Bag has a built-in drying system making the bag the ultimate ski trip companion. While you are driving to your favorite resort, your heatable gear bag can be plugged into the 12V outlet allowing the radiating heat and drying technology to warm your boots, gloves and socks. The large capacity, exceptionally insulated bag comes complete with a 120v and 12V power connection. Heated hard shell boots are so much easier to put on.

The pleasant sensation of cozy warm feet on those damp and cold days will be evident after the first use. With the aid of the multi-position shoulder strap the bag can be used as a back pack leaving your hands free to carry other items.


  • Attractive duffel bag with plenty of space
  • Heats, warms & drys ski gear and boots
  • Anti-slip shoulder straps
  • Warm up and dry your boots and gear overnight or on your way to the ski resort
  • 120v plugs and 12V Car Adapter
  • Accommodates up to one pair of adult ski boots, or two pair of kids ski boots
  • Material: 600-D polyester and special insulation
  • Dimensions: Length 50 cm x Height 40 cm x Depth 26 cm


  • The bag is created to dry ski, hunting and snowboard boots, gloves, caps, socks and the like
  • Air circulates through openings at the bottom and top of the bag, a "chimney effect" to insure good air circulation
  • Please place all damp and cold items to be dried or warmed in the bag and connect the power supply overnight using the 120v plug
  • In the morning, attach the bag with the 12V plug to the car cigarette lighter until you reach your destination
  • Please do not overload the bag. This will guarantee proper and optimum air circulation
  • The average time to warm up items is 60 minutes. The drying process depends on the load and the dampness


Technical Data:

  • The bag is made out of 600 D-Polyester and special insulation. Two electric plugs, and a heating element is provided.
  • Operating on 120v household plugs and 12V.
  • Dimensions: length 50 cm / height 40 cm / depth 26 cm


  • One year manufacturer warranty


Care and Security Instructions:

  • All snow, dirt and water must be removed before the items are packed in the bag.
  • Never tow the bag using the electric wires.
  • Do not damage the electric cable with sharp items.
  • Do not leave an empty bag connected to the power supply for longer than two hours and a filled bag no longer than 15 hours.
  • Do not leave the cable in the cigarette lighter when the engine is switched off, this will discharge the car battery.
  • Please notice that no property should be placed into the bag which can not tolerate heat over 113°F / 45°C.
  • Normally the odors are eliminated during the drying process. Should this not be the case, we recommend scented and/or antibacterial sprays.
  • The bag can also be used as a sports bag during the warmer months if the heating element is removed.
  • Do not put the bag in water or the washing machine.
  • Only clean the bag after removing the heating element. Please use a wet cloth.
4-Way Socket Auto Adapter
Sale Price: $14.95
This 4-Way socket expands one cigarette lighter socket to power 4 electronic items.

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