PEET Elite - Original Boot and Shoe Dryer with Sanitizer and Deodorizer Module

PEET Elite - Original Boot and Shoe Dryer with Sanitizer and Deodorizer Module

by Peet Dryer    

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The PEET Dryer is a clever device designed to effectively remove wet, sweat and odor from footwear and gear, without deteriorating the materials and without using an excessive amount of energy. The PEET Original Dryer is safe for use on footwear and gear made from most any materials, including leather, canvas, rubber, vinyl, cloth, plastic and all modern fabrics, including Gore-Tex. The drying process neutralizes odor-causing bacteria and arrests the development of mold and mildew that can ruin materials, extending your investment in your valuable footwear and gear. The result is what we call 'PEET Dry' - and the benefits to your comfort health and well-being are considerable.

How it works:

  1. PEET Convection Technology: Air drawn in through vents in the base of the PEET Dryer is warmed slightly.
  2. PEET AirChambers: The warmed air naturally rises, channeled through specially designed Air Chambers.
  3. PEET DryPorts: The patented design directs airflow for optimum circulation throughout items being dried.
  4. PEET D'Odoriz'r Module: Eliminates odor by utilizing molecular science. Regular oxygen molecules are given a small electrical charge. This creates ozone molecules. A strictly controlled amount of ozonated air is dispensed inside the footwear. When it comes in contact with odor and pollution molecules, the ozone molecules penetrate them which destroys the bad molecules by altering their chemical make-up.

PEET D'Odoriz'r Module - 3 way Usability:

  1. Insert module into footwear to destroy odors
  2. Module attaches to several PEET Dryers to dry, deodorize and sanitize
  3. Stand alone deodorizer for small room area
  • Energy Efficient - Uses less than 40 watts of power at 110-120V
  • 25 year warranty on Dryer. 2 year warranty on Deodorizer Module
  • Dryer is MADE in USA
PEET Glove Drying Attachment
Sale Price: $24.99
Remove cold, wet and sweat from gloves and mittens.
PEET Helmet Drying Attachment
Sale Price: $24.99
Removes wet and sweat from protective headgear.

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