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Natural Foot Warmers (Pair)

Natural Foot Warmers (Pair)
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    Made from Alpaca Yarn

    Snuggly Toes Alpaca Foot Warmers are all natural and incredibly warm. Alpaca fiber is an amazing, natural fiber. It is softer and warmer than wool.

    The shoe inserts are about as thick as a heavy sweater and can be trimmed to to fit perfectly in your shoe or boot. Replace your current insoles with these cozy insoles and experience the natural warmth of Alpaca wool.

    The fiber is grown on a farm and spun into yarn. The yarn is then knitted and shrunk to create the perfect barrier between the cold and your foot. And, they are soft!

    Snuggle Toes Alpaca Foot Warmers Features
    • Durable and Natural
    • Keeps Your Feet Amazingly Warm
    • Slip the Foot Warmers into Any Shoe, Boot or Slipper
    • No Batteries or Heating Packs to Replace
    • Fiber is Grown, Spun into Yarn, and Knitted in the USA
    • Shoe Sizes: Women's 6 - 11, Men's 9 - 13
    • Size can be trimmed with a good pair of scissors for half sizes and perfect fits. Snuggle Toes don't unravel or fray.
    • Washable: Wash on cold and Air dry

    Snuggly Toes Alpaca Foot Warmers Ideas
    • Keep feet warm hiking: Put them in your hiking boots and have warm feet during your whole trip
    • Make old slippers new again: These warm slipper insoles rejuvenate old slippers where the sole is wearing out
    • Turn summer Crocs into winter Crocs: Have warm Crocs with Snuggly Toes
    • Give extra warmth to winter boots: Use these warm boot insoles to make your older winter boots warm again
    Note: The Alpacas are not hurt when obtaining their fiber. They're sheared once a year, like sheep. Basically, they get a haircut and we can use that fiber.

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