Mobile Warming 7.4v Powersheer Standard Battery and Cable

Mobile Warming 7.4v Powersheer Standard Battery and Cable

by Mobile Warming    

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The 7.4-volt Standard Li-Ion is part of our new line of Micro USB charging Mobile Warming® batteries. Mobile Warming uses only the highest quality Lithium-ion batteries to ensure long-lasting power and battery life. Our batteries are designed to power your Mobile Warming product for hours, ensuring you stay warm and comfortable.

This 7.4-volt battery is compatible with only Mobile Warming 7.4-volt Heated Jackets, Vests, and Baselayers.


  • Rating: 7.4volts, 2200mAh
  • Input: Micro 5v 2A
  • LED Light Battery Meter
  • Charge Time: 4-5 hours
  • Size Inches: 4in x 2.65in x 0.45in
  • Battery SKU: MW74V022

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I went for a 40 degree ride on my motorcyccle and felt like it was in the 70s i LOVE MY GEAR
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