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MaxRax Skateboard Storage and Display Rack

MaxRax Skateboard Storage and Display Rack
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    A Piece of Art - Skateboard Storage and Display Racks!

    The MaxRax Wall Mounted Skateboard Storage and Display Rack is designed to look great with your Skateboard or without your Skateboard. It is a storage rack solution with a fresh and innovative approach.

    The skateboard rack is securely fastened to the wall and displays the graphics on the skateboard without any unsightly rails, hooks, knobs, or straps. Designed in the shape of a skateboard, the spring loaded t-frame is constructed of strong durable material that doesn’t damage the board or the wall.

    Put it in your bedroom, on the stairwell in the basement, closet, garage, or even hang it behind the door. Simple to hang, simple to use, and great to look at – impressive combination!

    • Two Creative Designs
    • Easy to Install
    • All Mounting Hardware Included
    • Easy to Use
    • Securely Holds Your Skateboard
    • Well-built and Durable
    • MaxRax racks fit flush to the wall and have no protruding rails, hooks, or straps
    • Since MaxRax racks are flush to the wall, you can hang your skateboards in tight places like stairwells, hallways, ski lockers, and closets.
    The Skateboard Rack – HOW DOES IT WORK?
    After mounting the skateboard rack in the desired location, simply insert the toe of your deck into the upper pocket of the rack and push up until the heel of the deck is beyond the bottom pocket of the rack. Lower the deck and let the heel of your deck rest in the bottom pocket of the rack… that’s it!

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    Skateboard NOT included.
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