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    1. Kool Tubes for Kool Collar - Cooling Dog Collar

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Kool Tubes for Kool Collar - Cooling Dog Collar

Kool Tubes for Kool Collar - Cooling Dog Collar
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    Perpetual Cooling with Kool Tubes

    Kool Tubes are intended to be used anytime it is not practical to have your dog dripping water from using ice in the Kool Collar.

    Kool Tubes are perfect for traveling in the motorhome, inside the house, car, truck, etc. Use of the Kool Collar and Kool Tubes in kennels and on puppies have also proven effective for reducing separation anxiety. Each Kool Tube usually lasts about 30 - 50 minutes depending on the ambient temp, the dog's body heat and activity level.

    Kool Tubes are not intended for use outdoors. The cooling energy is enough to 'take the edge off' in reasonable indoor temps, but using ice inside the Kool Collar is the best way to thoroughly cool your dog outdoors.

    Using Kool Tubes in your dog's Kool Collar will allow for perpetual cooling (See Below). Simply cycle the thawed Kool Tubes back into the freezer after using.

    Your dog will love it!

    Three Kool Tubes Refills are included in each order.

    Orders include the Kool Tubes only, the Kool Collar IS NOT INCLUDED. Kool Collar dog cooling collars are sold separately.

    Note: Some of the Kool Tubes have logos and some don't, they are the same product and work exactly the same way.

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