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Hound Breezer - Dog House Ventilating System

by Hound Heater
Hound Breezer - Dog House Ventilating System
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    Hound Breezer Deluxe, $119.95
    Hound Breezer Deluxe & Hound Heater Furnace, $234.90
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    Hound Breezer

    The inventor of the Hound Heater has introduced the Hound Breezer, this product solves the greatest problem our pets face on hot days.....ventilation. It simply is the world's best ventilating system made for your pet's house.

    The Breezer's fan is a high output, 25 cu. ft. per minute fan, rated at 30,000 hrs. This means it can draw in fresh air and completely exchange a typical dog house's air almost twice per minute! It's controlled by a 100,000 cycle thermostat to give you many, many years of use. All of this at a decibel rating of less than 45. In tests, the users reported this "white" noise was calming to their pets helped them sleep better and actually reduced barking! Like the Hound Heater Furnace, the Breezer is made from 14 gauge steel, powder coated to a beautiful black mat finish. The Breezer can be mounted in a house with wall thicknesses from 1" to 6"+. It comes with all necessary hardware, including a 5" diameter hole saw so you can quickly and easily mount it.

    • Ventilating System for your dog house
    • Effectively draws fresh air to completely exchange dog house's air almost twice per minute
    • Orders include necessary hardware
    • Easy Installation
    • Hound Breezer Deluxe includes the electric cord wrapped with steel spring for protection, $119.95
    • Hound Breezer Deluxe and Hound Heater Furnace Bundle, $234.90 (Save $5.00)
    • One Year Warranty
    Bundle Deal

    Hound Heater Furnace (Optional)
    $114.95 if you order the Hound Breezer Deluxe and Hound Heater together (above) to create the perfect climate control package for your dog house.
    Use the Dog House Heater in Fall and Winter. And, use the Dog House Breezer for Spring and Summer.
    You save $5.00
    Order the deal bundle on this page ONLY (above)


    "Pior to purchasing the Breezer air cooling device, my K9 partner Argo didnít enjoy laying in his house and preferred to lay on the concrete outside of it. After 20 minutes of installing the device, following the simple instructions included, Argo was enjoying his new fan. I now tend to see Argo in the house off the ground, laying in front of the fan. The Breezer is surprisingly quiet and simply built. I also was impressed with the high gauged steel used in the device, making it difficult to break or be tampered with by my K9 partner. After having the unit for little over a month now, it is still running strong with 24/7 use and I havenít noticed any change in the utility bill from its use. I recommend this to anyone who feels they have a heat issue that they battle with their pets and their kennels.

    Thanks for a great product!"

    Michael F.

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    Choose Products Hound Breezer Deluxe, $119.95
    Hound Breezer Deluxe & Hound Heater Furnace, $234.90
    (Save $5.00)