PowerPack XLP ONE for Hotronic Heated Socks

PowerPack XLP ONE for Hotronic Heated Socks

by Hotronic    

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PowerPack Set XLP ONE for Hotronic Heated Socks

  • The XLP ONE PowerPack Set consists of 2 powerful Lithium-Ion Battery Packs and 1 Recharger.
  • For use with Heat Socks XLP consisting of BootDoc's Power Fit Socks integrated with Hotronic's Heating Elements.

Battery Pack XLP ONEXLP Heat Sock Battery Pack

Provides three (3) Constant Heating Power Settings for comfort and warmth maintenance. A fourth Boost Setting 4 offers an extra blast of heat when needed and is timed to reset to Setting 3 in three (3) minutes. Press-hold-and-release the Power Button to select the desired Setting. Easy to read LED lights indicate the Setting selected and when power is on or off.

XLP ONE Power Set Duration Chart

Recharger XLPXLP Heat Socks Recharger

The Recharger XLP comes with North American and European plug adapters for use with Battery Packs XLP ONE.

Wherever one goes worldwide, simply connect the Battery Pack XLP ONE to the Recharger XLP and the current charge level is indicated on the Battery Pack within seconds. As recharging continues, the Battery Pack LED lights indicate when the charge level reaches 25%, 50%, 75%, and a full charge at 100%.

Spare XLP ONE Classic Heat Socks for the Hotronic Heated Sock System
Sale Price: $84
Depending on your activity, if you use our Heated Sock System more than one day in a row, you'll want to have a spare pair of these Hotronic XLP ONE socks, so you have time to wash them and have a clean pair for the next day.

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