Hinja Collapsible Shovel

Hinja Collapsible Shovel
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    Great Emergency Shovel and That Is Not All!

    Stealthy for Easy Storage
    Tuck it away in your car trunk or under your seat; this compact shovel will always be there when you need it and not in the way when you don't. Because it's a collapsible shovel it stores easily in the garage or closet when space is at a premium, especially for condo and apartment living. The Hinja totes easily since it is lightweight by design.

    At work or at play, The Hinja is ready for action: emergency snow removal, cleaning off decks or patios, camping and RV activities, building snow forts or snowboard jumps, or creating sandcastles at the beach. The Hinja's simple and purposeful design makes it great for chores and leisure.

    Made from polypropylene, The Hinja can shovel you out of almost any predicament without damaging tires, decks or any other workspace that needs cleaning.

    Patented Hinge Mechanism
    The Hinja is easy to expand or collapse and has no stray parts to get lost. In addition, there are no metal components that could loosen, rust or corrode.

    Hinja Features:
    • Lightweight
    • Non-Damaging
    • Will Not Rust or Corrode
    • Perfect for Emergency Snow Removal
    • Storing Easily in Car Trunks
    Hinja Specs:
    • Blade: 10" x 12"
    • Collapsed Length: 24"
    • Extended Length: 36"
    • Handle: T-grip
    • Weight: 2 lbs.
    • Made in U.S.A.
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