Hotronic Power Plus SET S3

by Hotronic
Hotronic Power Plus SET S3
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    MUST Have for Skiers/Snowboarders

    Heated Ski Boot Bag
    and Gear Dryer

    Heat your ski boots on the way to the slopes, making hard boots warm and more comfortable to wear all day!
    Dry your boots & gear on the way home!

    The new S Series are Hotronic's most powerful-yet-compact Battery Packs. With enhanced reliability and longevity, the new s Series batteries maintain 55% of a full charge and 95% of their initial capacity after four years of nonuse! Plus, an increase in capacity offers up to a combined 30% in higher average temperatures over "e" and "m" batteries series on the same settings. Longer durations on a single full charge, all when needed most, in the cold!

    If you currently have the older version of the Hotronic FootWarmers you'll want to take advantage of the longest battery performance and better charging by buying two new Power Plus S3 battery packs and the S/e/m series recharger. Use your current insoles with heat elements and save over the price of a new set of FootWarmers.

    WARNING: The Power Plus S3 Batteries can only be recharged using the Hotronic Recharger Power Plus for S, E, & M Series Recharger, with the white plugs.


    • Powered by high capacity, cold temperature operation, NiMH cells
    • Four (4) temperature-duration settings
    • Settings adjusted by easy to use, push-button controls
    • Easy to read Battery Pack LEDs indicate setting selected and power on / off
    • Battery Packs easily attach to secure area of footwear
    • Battery Packs S3 contain three (3) cells for extended duration
    • NiMH cells do NOT have “memory effect” and do NOT require fully discharging before fully recharging

    Temperature and Duration Settings
    Setting Approximate Average Temperature Duration Range
    S3 Power Plus
    °F °C
    1 84 -98 29 - 37 14.5 - 17.75 hrs
    2* 107 - 121 42 - 49 5.5 - 7.75 hrs
    3 122 - 138 50 - 59 3.5 - 5.75 hrs
    4 158 - 173 70 - 78 2 - 3.5 hrs
    Based on Battery Packs in ambient temperatures -22°C to -15°C (-9 to +4°F).
    Based on Heating Element in ambient temperatures 20°C to 26°C (68° to 79°F).
    * Setting 2 is the most common setting.

    POWER PLUS S, e and m SERIES

    • Advanced global charging technology with overcharge protection and input range of 100V-240V
    • Includes North American and European plug adapters
    • Recharges in 3 hours or less
    • Recharger LEDs indicate recharging mode and battery charge status
    • Compatible with S, e and m Seriers Battery Packs


    • Always doing our best to back the product bearing the Hotronic name, and with confidence in our FootWarmer Power Plus models, Hotronic offers a two (2) year limited warranty!


    • 2 Battery Packs S3 with Integrated Heat Regulator
    • 1 Recharger (global input 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz) with North American and European Plug Adapters

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