Hotronic  230v Recharger for Power Plus 3.5

Hotronic 230v Recharger for Power Plus 3.5

by Hotronic    

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The 120v version is No Longer Available


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Recharger - 230V AC

Recharge Battery Packs while in Europe or other 230V destinations.

Key Features:
  • Recharges in approximately 12 hours.
  • Recharger LED light indicates recharging mode.
  • Charges batteries at full current recharging, then switches to trickle current recharging, so you won't over charge your batteries.
  • Use only with Hotronic Power Plus 3.5 Batteries
  • You should never use the 120v charger with converters to other voltages. It will likely damage the charger. If you are going to a 230V destination then purchase a 230V charger.

Hotronic Rechargers Power Plus 3.5 should ONLY be used with the Hotronic Power Plus 3.5 Batteries

Hotronic Battery Pack Power Plus 3.5

Not for use with the with Power Plus 2.7, 2.5, original Power Plus (dark gray), and prior NiCAD (light gray) battery packs.


Manuals: (PDF)

Note: Please keep in mind that Operating Instructions are based as much (if not slightly more) on each model's Production Year as they are on the given model itself.

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