Hotronic Battery Pack Power Plus S3 (Each)

Hotronic Battery Pack Power Plus S3 (Each)

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Additional Battery Packs extend total foot warming duration throughout extremely cold days.

With three (3) cells in each Battery Pack, the Power Plus S3 is Hotronic's most powerful-yet-compact Battery Pack!

WARNING: The Power Plus S3 Batteries can only be recharged using the Hotronic Recharger Power Plus for S, E, & M Series Recharger, with the white plugs.

LOST A BATTERY? We Highly Recommend:


Temperature and Duration Settings
Setting Approximate Average Temperature Duration Range
S3 Power Plus
°F °C
1 84 - 98 29 - 37 14.5 - 17.75 hrs
2** 107 - 121 42 - 49 5.5 - 7.75 hrs
3 122 - 138 50 - 59 3.5 - 5.75 hrs
4 158 - 173 70 - 78 2 - 3.5 hrs
Based on Battery Packs in ambient temperatures -22°C to -15°C (-9 to +4°F).
Based on Heating Element in ambient temperatures 20°C to 26°C (68° to 79°F).
** Setting 2 is the most common setting.

Note: If you are purchasing the the Hotronic Battery Pack Power Plus "S" series batteries (S4 / S3) to replace a Hotronic Battery Pack Power Plus "e" or "m" series batteries, we recommend replacing both batteries. The "S" series batteries are warmer than the "e" and "m" series batteries on the same settings.

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