Gerbing Gyde Single Permanent Temp Controller - 12v Motorcycle

Gerbing Gyde Single Permanent Temp Controller - 12v Motorcycle

by Gerbing Gyde       

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Gerbing Gyde 12V Single Permanent-Mount Temp-Controller is designed to regulate the heat output of your 12-volt heated clothing, so you can dial in your level of comfort. It mounts between the vehicle's battery and your heated clothing.

Additional Features:
  • Dial in your level of heated comfort
  • Wires are UL listed and completely safe, in all weather conditions
  • Mounts out of sight providing a clean installation
  • One Year Warranty

Note: We also offer a Dual Permanent-Mount Temp-Controller if you think you will eventually get both a jacket and gloves.

All Gerbing's Gyde Heated Clothing, connectors and accessories are fully compatible with Heat-Troller, Warm & Safe, Harley-Davidson, and WarmGear™, coax connectors and accessories.

Harley-Davidson is a trademark of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company

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