Gerbing Gyde Heated Sock Liners - 12v Motorcycle

Gerbing Gyde Heated Sock Liners - 12v Motorcycle

by Gerbing Gyde    

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Please Note:

This product is intended to be used with a 12-volt electrical system like found on most vehicles or machinery. Most common uses are with Motorcycles, Auto, Snowmobiles, ATV's, etc.

Please be aware that this clothing is not intended to be used with a battery pack due to the energy requirements of the heating elements.

12v Sock Liner

Gyde's 12 volt Sock Liner has very comfortable fit with stretch upper panels and non-stretch bottom panels for durability and to prevent slippage. The heated sock insulates and wicks moisture to keep you warm all day.

  • Material: Lycra
  • Color: Black
Gerbing Gyde Battery Heated Glove Liners Features:
  • On-cuff control
  • Water resistant
  • Max Heat: 135°F @ 7.7W


Your Order Includes:
  • Battery Harness
  • Fuses
  • Y Harness

OPTIONAL - Bluetooth Temp Control App
Gyde Powered by Gerbing Microwire technology takes it a step further by adding wireless heat control. Gyde developed the Bluetooth Powered Thermgauge adapter and a super friendly app for your iOS or Android device. Now you can pair multiple 7 volt or 12 volt garments and seamlessly manage your heat at any time and any place right on your smartphone.

Thermogauge Bluetooth Adapter
  • Wireless control of the heat within each garment
  • Once temperature is set, the Thermogauge will maintain that temperature throughout use (12v only)
  • Controls two separate garments at two different temps
  • Gyde offer the Thermogauge Bluetooth Module Adapter as a separate accessory
Smartphone application
  • 7v & 12v capabilities
  • Precise heat control in Fahrenheit. Individual settings are in 5 degree increments (12V Only)
  • Constant battery status display
  • Notification when battery reaches 205 and heat level resets to low
  • iOS and Android compatible


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