Gerbing Gyde Battery Heated Heated 3f Mitt (unisex)

by Gerbing Gyde
Gerbing Gyde Battery Heated Heated 3f Mitt (unisex)
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    Gyde Heated Clothing, powered by Gerbing

    Gyde’s heated gloves are paired with their patented Microwire™ heat technology and made from lightweight, stretchable materials that help to improve dexterity and comfort during a wide range of activities. Finished with a water resistant membrane, they repel water and keep your hands dry in adverse conditions. Small reinforcement layers are added to the fingertips for extra grip and added abrasion resistance. The index finger is equipped with a conductive material for ease of use with your smart phone or tablet without the hassle of removing your gloves.

    Each 7 volt glove features an external controller that regulates the temperature with three optimum heat levels. The 7.4V 4R lithium battery is secured in a pocket on the top side of the gauntlet for increased freedom of motion during almost any outdoor activity

    • Premium twill outer shell with Cyberian Cordloc™ system
    • TPU molded cinch strap
    • Chamois Thumb
    • Three level silicone switch
    • AQUATEX™ breathable water resistant membrane
    • Primaloft® insulation with 270 grams on top of hand and 170 grams on palm
    • Equipped with (2) dual mode 7 volt battery and a dual wall charger
    • Touchscreen compatible index finger
    Your Order Includes:
    • 1 Pair of Gerbing Gyde Battery Heated Heated 3F Mitt
    • 2 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
    • 1 Battery Charger

    Heat Duration
    LEVEL 1: Up to 8 hours (25%)
    LEVEL 2: Up to 5 hours (50%)
    LEVEL 3: Up to 3 hours (75%)
    LEVEL 4: Up to 2 hours (100%)

    OPTIONAL - Bluetooth Temp Control App
    Gyde Powered by Gerbing Microwire technology a step further by adding wireless heat control. Gyde developed the Bluetooth Powered Thermgauge adapter and a super friendly app for your iOS or Android device. Now you can pair multiple 7 volt or 12 volt garments and seamlessly manage your heat at any time and any place right on your smartphone.

    Thermogauge Bluetooth Adapter
    • Wireless control of the heat within each garment through four optimized heat settings
    • Gyde offer the Thermogauge Bluetooth Module Adapter as a separate accessory
    7.4v Lithium Battery
    • Integrated microprocessor and LED switch
    • Rechargeable 7 volt lithium battery pack with keeps your warm for up to 8 hours
    • Compatible with all 7 volt vests, jackets, gloves and accessories
    • Secure power plug solution
    • Battery status monitoring
    • Power level indication
    • Dual side connection input

    Smartphone application
    • 7v & 12v capabilities
    • Precise heat control in Fahrenheit
    • Constant battery status display
    • Notification when battery reaches 20% and heat level resets to low
    • iOS and Android compatible

    Warranty Information
    Lifetime on the Heating Pads/Elements. 1 Year on materials and craftsmanship including wires and plugs. Any alteration of the product voids the warranty.

    Battery Warranty: Gerbing rechargeable Lithium/NIMH battery packs and chargers are warranted from factory defect for 90 days from the initial purchase. Any alteration of the product voids the warranty. Special care should be taken to prolong the life of your battery. It is important that you charge your battery regularly and that you maintain at least 25% of your battery power when not in use or left idle. Batteries must only be used with products with an amp rating less than the maximum capacity output rating for the battery. Gerbing will repair or replace any battery or charger found under normal use to be defective during the warranty period. Our warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, accident, abuse or improper care.

    Unisex and Men's Sizing
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    Gerbing Gyde 7V Battery
    Sale Price: $49.99
    Need a spare battery? We have replacement and extra batteries that will extend total warming time.
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