Gerbing Gyde 7v Thermogauge Bluetooth Adapter

Gerbing Gyde 7v Thermogauge Bluetooth Adapter

by Gerbing Gyde    

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Thermogauge Bluetooth Adapter for Gyde 7v Clothing

Gyde Powered by Gerbing Microwire technology takes it a step further by adding wireless heat control. Gyde developed the Bluetooth Powered Thermgauge Adapter and a super friendly app for your iOS or Android device.

  • Connect your Gyde 7v battery in your Gyde 7v clothing to the adapter. The adapter will pair easily with your Smartphone App. You will have wireless control of the heat within your garment.
  • Wireless control four optimized heat settings
Smartphone application
  • 7v capabilities
  • Precise heat control in Fahrenheit
  • Constant battery status display
  • Notification when battery reaches 20% and heat level resets to low
  • iOS and Android compatible

Note: 7v Thermogauge Bluetooth Adapter controls one item. Not recommended for 7v gloves or 7v socks since they are two pieces of clothing.

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