Monkey Bar Overhead Garage Storage Rack

Monkey Bar Overhead Garage Storage Rack

by Monkey Bars    

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Overhead storage that works! Monkey Bars has re-engineered overhead storage making it lighter, easier to install, and sturdier. Our overhead garage rack allows you the convenience of an open floor space by creating storage opportunities in areas that are normally left underutilized. Stronger than the competition - made of heavy duty steel, the Monkey Bars garage overhead rack has the highest weight rating in the industry of 750 lbs. The 2" safety lip will keep your items securely on the rack, so you can rest assured that nothing will fall off. With our unique mounting system consisting of four down tubes, reinforced braces, and bolted corner brackets, we guarantee the stability of your overhead storage unlike any other while maintaining simplicity of installation. We provide all the nuts, bolts, and even the drill bit necessary for pre-drilling holes. On top of this cutting edge product, we have an even more powerful lifetime warranty to back it.

Additional Features:
  • 750 lb. weight capacity - highest weight rating in the industry
  • Adjustable height: 26" - 44" from ceiling
  • 2" Safety lip - keep you items securely on the rack
  • Ability to connect multiple racks together
  • Dimensions: 96 x 48 x 44 inches
  • Includes:
    • 4 – Corner Braces
    • 4 – Ceiling Mounts
    • 4 – Down Tubes
    • 4 – T-Braces
    • 6 – Platform Angles
    • 11 – Cross Braces
    • 22 – Grid Poles
  • Lifetime Warranty

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