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Monkey Bar Kayak Storage Rack

by Monkey Bars
Monkey Bar Kayak Storage Rack
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    The Kayak Storage Rack by Monkey Bars is the industry's most versatile and strongest kayak holder. This rack will hold up to two kayaks or small canoes. Positioning the metal place holder bars at an angle allows for the stability that one needs to hold any Kayak regardless of the size. Mount the brackets wide for a sea kayak or close together for a whitewater kayak. This garage kayak rack will hold sea, surf, whitewater, creekboat, playboat, racing, slalom, or fishing kayaks. This rack sticks out 25" from the wall, so it will also hold small canoes. Mount this rack in your garage, shed, utility room, or storage room. This rack is made with the strongest and most durable materials. The Kayak Storage Rack is made of industrial steel, allowing it to hold up to 150 lbs. The wall mount kayak rack is powder coated for durability.

    Product Features:
    • Installs in 15 minutes
    • Steel Components all powder coated
    • Holds up to 2 kayaks or small canoes
    • Dimensions: 1" x 25" x 1"
    • Includes: 2 Single Bar Brackets, 2 25 Monkey Bars, 4 2 Wood Screws, 4 Washers, and 1 Hardware Bag.
    • Lifetime Warranty
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