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Monkey Bar 9 Bucket Rack

by Monkey Bars
Monkey Bar 9 Bucket Rack
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    The 9 bucket Rack from Monkey Bars provides the most organized way to store your 5 gallon buckets. You can use it to organize your contractor supplies, animal feed, sports equipment, and painting supplies. The bucket rack can be custom mounted at any location in the garage or barn, simply install the two included brackets into studs 48" apart. Holds up to 400 lbs in just four feet of wall space.

    Product Features:
    • Steel Components all powder coated
    • Capable of holding 9 five gallon buckets
    • Hooks slide on bar for easy adjustability
    • Dimensions: 4 x 51 x 2 inches
    • Includes: 2 Single Bar Brackets, 1 51 Monkey Bar, 9 Bucket Holders, 2 Vertical Drop Down Braces, 4 2 Wood Screws, 4 Washers, and 1 Hardware Bag
    • Lifetime Warranty
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