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Garage Gator 220 - Motorized Overhead Ceiling Storage

Garage Gator 220 - Motorized Overhead Ceiling Storage
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    Reclaim your Garage with the flick of a switch!

    Tired of a cluttered garage? Then the Garage Gator is for you! Hook all your bikes, golf clubs, tires, ladders, tools, sports equipment and other garage clutter on the 9' wide hook bar, then with the push of a switch the powerful electric motor (mounted on the ceiling 8'6" to 15' high) will pull it all up into the air. You can even lift your Kayaks and Canoes. Everything remains out of your way until you turn the key and switch the motor on to retrieve any item.

    Itís safe, easy, and affordable! The Garage Gator can raise or lower eight 25 lbs bikes, or 220 lbs of your most frustrating clutter, off your garage floor up to the ceiling.

    Garage Gator Features:
    • Easy to install and operate
    • Holds up to 220 lbs
    • Frees up valuable floor space
    • Key-lock switch for parental control
    • 12' coiled cord for remote operation
    • Built-in safety brake
    • One-year limited warranty
    • ETL Listed
    The Garage Gator comes with:
    • Motor mounting plate
    • Motorized hoist with push-button control
    • Ceiling-mount upper channel bar
    • Hook bar with eight sliding hooks
    • Storage net
    • Four bike cables
    • Installation hardware and instructions
    Garage Gator Specs:
    • Dimensions - 30.5" L x 15" W x 11" H
    • Load Capacity - 220 lbs
    • Lifting Height - 117 inches (9 ft. 9 in.
    • Lifting Speed - 33 feet per minute
    • Cable Length - 165 Inches (13 ft. 9 in.)
    • Motor - 3/4 HP 110V / 60 HZ 4.5 Amps

    Download: Product Instructions PDF

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How much space is required to install the Garage Gator?

    The GG 220 needs a minimum ceiling height of 8'6" and at least 9' of unobstructed area in which to raise and lower the unit. See the diagram below:

    2. What do I need to check before starting installing the Garage Gator?
    Before attempting installation, thoroughly read the owners manual. Thoroughly inspect the mounting area to be sure it is adequate to safely install the opener you have selected. Also confirm the availability of a 110-volt ground outlet. Be sure to wear protective gear such as safety glasses and follow all precautions regarding electrical and ladder safety.

    1. Are installation manuals available online?

    Yes. Click here to see the Garage Gator Installation and Operation Instruction. Available as downloadable PDF file.

    Operation and Maintenance
    1. How do I raise or lower the hook bar?

    Do not stand under the lift. Turn the key in the hand control switch to the ON position. Press and hold the rocker switch in the direction you want the hook bar to travel. Release the switch when the desired location is reached.

    2. How do I load a bike on the hook bar?
    Loop one piece of the bike cable through the rims of the font tire then connect the clip to oblong ring attached to the hook bar. Loop the second piece of the bike cable through the rim of the back tire then connect the clip to the oblong ring attached to the hook bar.

    3. How should golf bags be stored on the hook bar?
    Golf bags should be hung by the carrying handle NOT the shoulder strap.

    4. What type of maintenance is required for Garage Gator?
    Very little. Periodically check the condition of the electrical cords, plug and controls. Also, periodically check to be sure the motor is properly attached to its mounting plate and all bolts are right.

    1. What safety features are on the Garage Gator?

    The Garage Gator is engineered and manufactured to be as safe to install and operate as possible. Two key safety features are the upper limit switch which prevents upward movement of the hook bar once the uppermost travel point is reached and the key lock hand control unit which prevents the unit from operating unless the key is switched to the on position.

    Recommended Accessories
    Platform for Garage Gator 220
    Attaches to your Garage Gator and adds the ability to lift boxes, plastic tubs, suitcases and other storage items.
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