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Pacific Coast Eurofeather Fill Pillow

Pacific Coast Eurofeather Fill Pillow
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    Item: Feather-Pillow

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    Treat Yourself With Our Feather Pillow

    The traditional constructed pillow has double needle corded edges. The luxurious pillow features Eurofeathers. Eurofeathers are small, tightly curled feathers that combine soft down-like comfort with the natural spring of a feather. These soft feathers have much smaller quills than regular feathers so they don't poke. Though small, they are very resilient and hold their shape and form for a long time.

    Fabric 230 Thread Count 100% cotton
    Barrier Weave™ down proof fabric

    BarrierWeave™ fabric is tightly woven and specially finished to be up to 3 times more leakproof, so down and feathers won't sneak out. BarrierWeave™ fabric is also finer, softer and more durable for lasting comfort and easy care.
    Fill Hyperclean® Eurofeathers: A unique cleaning method washes and rinses our down and feathers up to eight times, removing the dust, dirt and allergens that cause allergic reactions. You're left with only clean, fluffy, supremely comfortable down and feathers.
    Care Instructions Machine wash and dry
    Guarantee 4 Year Warranty

    Good news! The Pacific Coast pillow is easy to care for. It can be machine washed and dried at home. Follow the washing instructions found on the packaging of your pillow. Pillows that can be machine washed should be washed following these steps:

    1. Wash with a mild detergent on a gentle setting.
    2. After the wash cycle is complete, rinse the pillow 2 additional times (to rid the pillow of any soap that may still be inside). Then spin the pillow two additional times (to rid the pillow of excess water).
    3. Dry the pillow completely on a low heat setting. For pillows with internal chambers, you may need to dry the pillow for four to six hours. Between cycles, remove the pillow and hand fluff. Note that pillows may still be damp inside even when they feel dry to the touch. Any lumps or clumps of fill indicates dampness. Dry until you are sure the pillow is dry!
    4. Between washings, the pillow can be refluffed on an air fluff setting in the dryer. Include a couple of clean tennis balls and a fabric softener sheet for extra fluff and a fresh smell.
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    Standard 20" X 26" $24.99
    Queen 20" X 30" $29.99
    King 20" X 36" $39.99
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    Queen, $29.99
    King, $39.99