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Gussetted Quilt Top Baffle Channel Featherbed

Gussetted Quilt Top Baffle Channel Featherbed
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    Soft Quilted Top Provides Extra Comfort!

    The Gussetted Quilt Top Baffle Channel Featherbed is designed with an additional soft quilted layer on top for extra comfort. As you sink into bed, the feather bed contours to your body, cushioning pressure points like shoulders and hips. This gentle feather bed hug helps relax your body for a more comfortable night's sleep. You'll feel like you're sleeping on a cloud!

    Place the Feather Bed between your mattress and sheet and enjoy the luxury of sleeping on a feather bed.

    Design Quilt Top layer: The Quilt Top™ layer provides an extra cushion between you and the feathers, resulting in a cloud-like layer of comfort so you won't feel any feathers.

    Baffle Channel design: The Baffle Channel design consists of sewn through channels of feather that run the length of the featherbed from head to foot. This design allows the ability to fluff and reposition feathers along the channels for sleeper preference.

    2 inch Gusset Edge: A gusset edge is a design featuring an extra wall of fabric around the edge of your feather bed. This may be 1 inch to 4 inches high depending on the product. A gusset edge allows the down and feathers to reach a higher loft.
    Fabric 230 Thread Count 100% cotton
    Barrier Weave™ down proof fabric

    BarrierWeave™ fabric is tightly woven and specially finished to be up to 3 times more leakproof, so down and feathers won't sneak out. BarrierWeave™ fabric is also finer, softer and more durable for lasting comfort and easy care.
    Fill Hyperclean® feathers: A unique cleaning method washes and rinses our down and feathers up to eight times, removing the dust, dirt and allergens that cause allergic reactions. You're left with only clean, fluffy, supremely comfortable down and feathers.
    Care Instructions Machine wash and dry
    Guarantee 10 Year Warranty

    Size Dimensions Price
    Twin 39" x 75" $179.99
    Full 54" x 75" $219.99
    Queen 60" x 80" $229.99
    King 76" x 80" $249.99
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    Choose Size Twin, $179.99
    Full, $219.99
    Queen, $229.99
    King, $249.99