DryX Wall Mounted Locker Boot & Glove Dryer

DryX Wall Mounted Locker Boot & Glove Dryer

by DryX Boot Dryers    

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1 or 2 Pair Wall Mounted Locker Dryers

These solid locker dryers are super for fitting in Mud Room cabinet/cubbie, rental shops, hotels, locker rooms and wherever else dryers are needed. The Professional systems will provide you, your family, or clients with dry comfortable equipment throughout the year. All DRY-X dryers come with a limited lifetime warranty.

DRY-X Dryers are designed and hand crafted with a no heat philosophy in mind. Fast efficient units made from only the highest quality materials available, driven by commercial grade ball bearing fans. Each fan delivers an ample amount of room temperature air to each ski boot or any other type of sportswear that needs to be air dried. Constant heat application greatly shortens the life of the materials used to construct your gear. DRY-X dryers ensure a consistent fit and feel to your gear by blowing room temperature air only. Putting on dry gear every day or each outing means instant comfort and warmth. Using our systems will benefit your gear greatly, and the nice thing is you can leave them on for as long as you want without worry. It is true that forced heated air will dry your equipment quicker, but the end results and decreased longevity are not worth it. Ambient room temperature works the best.

DRY-X custom dryers are constantly testing their products every day to ensure that you the consumer gets the best longest lasting dryers anywhere. By pushing their gear to the extreme limits day in and day out we are able to test the durability and functionality of our dryers. The feedback gained and the ability to use their dry gear everyday allows DRY-X to push the boundaries and make the best products for drying all types of sports equipment.

DRY-X custom dryers are very versatile and capable of drying several different types of gear for all your sporting needs. Each unit comes with extendable hoses which gets the air into more places. Larger boots, coat sleeves, waders, and all other type of gear and equipment that may get wet or stay damp. The configurations are endless with this product. You can even hang it from a coat hook and pull the extendable hoses into coat sleeves to dry the entire garment.


Locker Boot and Glove Dryer Specifications:
  • Height: 5"
  • Width:
    • One Pair - 12"
    • Two Pair** - 24"
  • Fan CFM: 110
  • Amps: 0.13
  • Voltage: 110
  • Drying Time: 2-6 hrs
  • On/Off switch

** Note: These units can also be adjusted to accommodate 2 pairs of boots/gloves measuring a total of 20 inches. Please call for this and other custom requests.

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